Want A Straighter Smile? 2 Options That Make Orthodontic Treatment More Comfortable & Quicker

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If you desire a straighter smile, then you may think that the only decision you will have to make after you visit an orthodontist's office is whether you would like clear teeth aligners or traditional metal braces. However, you may be shocked at just how many teeth-straightening options your orthodontist presents you, some that involve state-of-the art dental technology. Read on to learn about two teeth-straightening options your orthodontist may offer you to help make wearing braces more comfortable and/or shorten your treatment time.

8 November 2017

4 Benefits of Getting Dentures

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Replacing teeth that are missing is one of the best things you can do if this is necessary. One of the most effective ways to reach this goal is by getting dentures. Keep in mind, you must be an ideal candidate for having this process completed. However, there are many benefits of doing so, and knowing what some of these are may be the motivation you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

8 November 2017

Dental Emergencies And How To Protect Your Teeth Until You Receive Dental Treatment

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When a dental emergency arises, it needs to be treated by a dental professional. However, some people may be tempted to try to treat an emergency dental situation at home. Nevertheless, by forgoing or delaying proper treatment, a patient may sacrifice a tooth or require a length restorative treatment. Here is a bit of information to help you know when you need immediate treatment and what to do to protect your teeth until you reach the dentist:

10 October 2017

You're Never Too Old: 3 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Orthodontist About Adult Braces

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If you've been putting off having your teeth straightened because you think you're too old, you should know that you're never too old for dental work. Many people who didn't have their teeth straightened during their youth are now turning to orthodontic treatment. One thing to remember is that straightening your teeth isn't just about making your smile better. Straightening your teeth has other benefits, as well. Here are just three of the reasons you should talk to an orthodontist about braces.

12 September 2017

Do You Need Tooth Whitening Or Just A Professional Cleaning?

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If your teeth are looking yellow and discolored, you may be considering a visit to the dentist for professional tooth whitening. But while tooth whitening procedures are very helpful for many patients, they are not always necessary. Sometimes, all you need to get the whiter smile you desire is a professional cleaning appointment. Patients often get these two types of procedures and their purposes confused, so here's a closer look to clarify any misconceptions and help you decide on the procedure that's best for you.

8 August 2017

Permanent Tooth Replacement Options For Patients Under 18 Years Of Age

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Adults may need to look into tooth replacement more often than children, but there are also adolescents who have just as much concern about their physical appearance due to missing teeth. Some people have permanent teeth that become impacted, and thus, never migrate to the proper position. Then there are children who are missing teeth because of genetics. Although parents have to be concerned about which permanent tooth replacement option is chosen for their child due to continued jaw growth, older children are no more comfortable walking abound with missing teeth anymore than their fully adult counterparts.

20 July 2017

How To Maintain Your Family's Dental Health

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Even though it may not be the most pleasant part of personal care, going to the dentist is just a part of life. At least, it should be a part of life, and you can help to establish that fact with every member of your family. Here are some ideas on how to do that. Set Some Family Goals Together - Think of having a meeting where you discuss your goal of having each of your family members maintain good dental hygiene.

24 June 2017

A Guide to Getting Dental Crowns

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When you need to fix problems with your dentistry, there are some procedures that an oral health professional can provide you. This is why it's so critical to find the help of a licensed and dental board certified oral health practice that can install fixtures such as dental crowns. A dental crown is a commonly applied false tooth top that covers the existing tooth. Dental crowns are installed in situations to protect a tooth that is either weakened, decayed or damaged.

23 February 2017

2 Tips for Making Sure That You Can Afford Invisalign for Your Teenager

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Getting braces as a teenager can be a challenge for many teens. These years are the time in which many teens attempt to fit in, and braces often stick out like a sore thumb. Getting clear braces is a feasible option, and Invisalign offers a seamless fit. The dental device works just like traditional braces and is much less noticeable. This prevents many teens from feeling self-conscious about wearing the dental device.

12 January 2017

The Four Main Benefits Of Dental Implants

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When it comes to replacing your missing teeth, you have a couple of options, which include dentures and dental implants. The major difference between the two is that the dental implants are surgically implanted instead of simply placed into your mouth. For this reason, many people choose dentures because they don't want to go through the process of surgery. Here are four major reasons why you should consider it, though:

11 January 2017