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Want A Straighter Smile? 2 Options That Make Orthodontic Treatment More Comfortable & Quicker

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If you desire a straighter smile, then you may think that the only decision you will have to make after you visit an orthodontist's office is whether you would like clear teeth aligners or traditional metal braces. However, you may be shocked at just how many teeth-straightening options your orthodontist presents you, some that involve state-of-the art dental technology.

Read on to learn about two teeth-straightening options your orthodontist may offer you to help make wearing braces more comfortable and/or shorten your treatment time.

1. Self-Ligating Braces

While metal braces with traditional twin brackets are generally very comfortable, they are designed to be used hand-in-hand with elastic bands that exert gentle pressure on your teeth to gradually shift them into place. While some people experience no discomfort as their teeth are shifted by traditional metal braces equipped with elastic bands, others experience a little discomfort, especially after braces are tightened.

Today, you can choose braces that can straighten your teeth without the "help" of elastic bands, and they are called self-ligating braces. These braces use special brackets that exert less pressure on your teeth than twin brackets coupled with elastic bands, and that can make wearing braces a much more comfortable experience for you.

In addition, since these braces lack elastic bands, it can be easier for you to clean around the braces brackets to reduce the chance of tooth hypopigmentation (white spots) that could occur if you do not clean the area around your braces brackets well every day while wearing them.

2. Accelerated Orthodontics

Of course, no one wants to wear braces longer than they have to. You may have heard that the average person wears braces for about 24 months. However, new advances in orthodontic technology can shorten the time a person has to wear braces tremendously.

Ask your orthodontist if they offer any type of accelerated orthodontics treatment. These treatments vary, and there are currently four that orthodontists use. One accelerated orthodontics method involves wearing a device for 20 minutes each day that sends gentle pulses to your teeth to help shift them into place more quickly than when the device is not used. There are two other accelerated orthodontics techniques called micro-osteoperforation and Propel alveocentesis which stimulate your jaw bone to allow teeth to shift more quickly.

Another accelerated orthodontics method involves shaving some tooth material off chosen teeth to help eliminate spacing issues more quickly.

If you want a straighter smile, then realize that your orthodontist may offer you many more teeth-straightening options than you expect. Consider self-ligating braces for a more comfortable teeth-straightening experience and/or accelerated orthodontics to shorten your treatment time.

Speak to a local dentist to learn more about this topic.


8 November 2017