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Permanent Tooth Replacement Options For Patients Under 18 Years Of Age

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Adults may need to look into tooth replacement more often than children, but there are also adolescents who have just as much concern about their physical appearance due to missing teeth. Some people have permanent teeth that become impacted, and thus, never migrate to the proper position. Then there are children who are missing teeth because of genetics. Although parents have to be concerned about which permanent tooth replacement option is chosen for their child due to continued jaw growth, older children are no more comfortable walking abound with missing teeth anymore than their fully adult counterparts. Dental implants, bridges and even partial dentures are among the most sensible options that can be chosen.

Why Age Affect Tooth Replacement Methods

If a dentist examines a patient and find that the jaw is still growing and shifting, there are certain permanent tooth replacement solutions that will be ruled out. Unlike braces, dental implants cannot be adjusted once their are installed in the jawbone. Putting dental implants in a patient who is too young can cause their natural teeth to become crooked as well as lead to long-term dental issues. The good news is that the jawbone substantially slows down in terms of growth at around the age of 17.

The installation of dental implants becomes a great options for patients once they hit their later teen years. Adolescents who wait until they are older to get dental implants have much better results and their parents are usually better able to afford their cosmetic dental services. Most dentists trained to install dental implants proceed cautiously when adolescents request permanent tooth replacement because dental implant installation is considered to be an advanced and elective dental procedure.

Permanent Tooth Replacement and Orthodontics

Adolescents can often experience orthodontic issues that need to be addressed as their teeth are still developing. Generally it is best to sort out problems with misaligned teeth, overbites and gum line issues before considering how to permanently replace missing teeth. It may take as long as two or three years before a patient under the age of 18 is able to have his or her braces removed and all orthodontic issues resolved.

While dental implants may not always be an immediate option for children who require permanent tooth replacement, waiting things out can lead to the best possible results. If your child wants a dental implant to take the place of a missing, explain how things work and ask your child to be patient. Visit a site like for more help.


20 July 2017