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How To Maintain Your Family's Dental Health

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Even though it may not be the most pleasant part of personal care, going to the dentist is just a part of life. At least, it should be a part of life, and you can help to establish that fact with every member of your family. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

Set Some Family Goals Together - Think of having a meeting where you discuss your goal of having each of your family members maintain good dental hygiene.

  • Offer incentives. For example, tell your children that whomever doesn't have a single cavity at the next visit to the dentist will get a certain reward. 
  • If you've been limiting sweets, the goal could actually be a trip to get an ice cream sundae or another sweet treat. Remind them to brush afterwards.
  • Write down on the calendar the two months of the year that you can all visit the dentist together.
  • At the family meeting, think of handing out a sticky note to each of your family members. It could say something like Brush And Floss Please!

Enlist Help At The Dental Office - You'll have to call ahead and ask the dental hygienist to give you a call when he or she has time.

  • Remember that the dental hygienist can be your partner in meeting your goal of excellent dental health for your family.
  • When you talk to the dental hygienist tell him or her what your plan is. 
  • Ask if your entire family can come in to meet with the dental hygiene either for a separate visit or a bit before work begins.
  • Ask the dental hygienist to explain things like exactly how to brush and floss, how often to do that and how important diet is.

What To Expect At The Dental Office - This is where your family will not only meet the dental hygienist, but the dentist as well.

  • Hopefully the hygienist will explain everything you asked him or her to discuss. Take notes.
  • At a routine visit, the hygienist will thoroughly clean teeth and maybe even take x-rays.
  • The dentist will be called in and the hygienist will more than likely give him or her a report.
  • Depending on what was found during the initial observation, work will happen at that visit or a new consult will be suggested.

It would be a great thing to write a note to the hygienist thanking him or her for the time that was given to your family.


24 June 2017