3 Ways You Can Make Your Child For Comfortable At The Dentist

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You as the parent are the one who can make your child feel the most comfortable and at ease while they are at the dentist. While some of your children may be easy, there are some children that may be scared and have a really hard time. Here are three ways you can make your child feel comfortable at the dentist. Never Leave Their Side You are the one who your child trusts while they are at the dentist and you help them to feel more secure.

27 February 2018

Take This 3-Question Quiz To Find Out Whether A Smile Makeover Is Right For You!

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A smile makeover can be the ideal way to revitalize your smile -- and even your whole appearance. Smile makeover services can include teeth whitening, dental bridges, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, and dental implants. Although the main goal of smile makeover services is usually an enhanced appearance, many of these services also have practical benefits like strengthening and protecting the teeth. While your dentist is the best person to consult about your suitability for smile makeover services, you can find out whether it might be a good idea by taking the following quiz.

30 January 2018

Treatment Options For Dental Cavities

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Tooth decay is a significant problem among people of all ages. Decay occurs when the enamel of the teeth becomes damaged from exposure to bacterial acids.  Oral bacteria release acid as they digest carbohydrates from leftover food particles in the mouth. The acids demineralize the tooth enamel, causing holes or cavities to form. As the cavities grow in size, they can penetrate the layers of the tooth that lies beneath the enamel.

10 January 2018