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3 Ways You Can Make Your Child For Comfortable At The Dentist

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You as the parent are the one who can make your child feel the most comfortable and at ease while they are at the dentist. While some of your children may be easy, there are some children that may be scared and have a really hard time. Here are three ways you can make your child feel comfortable at the dentist.

Never Leave Their Side

You are the one who your child trusts while they are at the dentist and you help them to feel more secure. Because of this, it is important that you don't leave their side, at least on their first dental visit. Sit by them in the waiting room and hold their hand when they go into the dental chair. Let them know that you are always there for them if they need anything. This essentially gives them a life line and they will love hearing your encouraging words the whole time.

Let Them Come With You To The Dentist

If you want to show your child that they have nothing to fear at the dentist, then you should have come them and observe one of your dental appointments. You can show them how simply it is to go in for a teeth cleaning and how certain aspects of the appointment are fun, such as when you get to choose a delicious flavor for your fluoride treatment or when you have the option to watch television. This gives your child the opportunity to see what it is like at the dentist, without actually being the one in the dental chair. This prepares them well for their dental appointment and may even get them somewhat excited for it.

Take Them On A Tour

Before your child has their dental appointment, you can call the dentist and ask if you can bring your child in for a tour of the facility. Most dentists will agree to let you come and you can explain to your child that this is a field trip to the dentist. You can tour the entire thing and explain to your child what each room is and what all of the equipment does. The dentist or a dental assistant may even come along with you to help. This can help your child feel more comfortable when returning for their appointment because they are already familiar with the facility.

If you want to help your child feel more comfortable at the dentist, then you should stay by their side the entire time to help them feel secure, let them come to a dental appointment with you to see how things work, and you can even take them on a tour of the dental facility to familiarize them with it. Contact a dentist, like David D. Childress, DDS, for more help.


27 February 2018