How To Make Your Tooth Extraction Surgery And Aftercare As Easy As Possible

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If you need to have a single tooth pulled or all your wisdom teeth removed, you'll undergo a tooth extraction surgical procedure that will be performed by a dental professional. Before your surgery, topical and injectable numbing medication will likely be used to keep you from experiencing pain during your surgery. Here are a few additional things that you can do to make your tooth extraction surgery and aftercare as easy and comfortable as possible.

30 March 2022

Dental Implants: 3 Reasons To Embrace This Dental Restoration Procedure

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Do you laugh with your hands over your mouth? Do you smile with your head bent and lips closed? Well, you should seek dental implants services if your missing teeth are the reason you never smile or laugh comfortably. Dental implants can restore your teeth and fix your looks. If you wonder whether implants are a worthy investment to make, this article will explain the reasons you should never overlook missing teeth and how the implants can help.

25 February 2022

What To Expect When You Have A Gum Graft For Receding Gums

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If you have receding gums, your dentist might talk to you about getting a gum graft. Your gums can recede for different reasons, so a graft can be for cosmetic purposes or to save a tooth. No matter why you have receding gums, your gums won't grow back. To correct the situation, your dentist needs to graft new tissue to the areas where the gums are receding. Here's how that is done.

13 January 2022

Are You A Good Candidate For Porcelain Veneers?

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Are you hoping to achieve that perfect Hollywood smile through the use of porcelain veneers? If so, you should know that not everyone is a good candidate for this cosmetic dentistry procedure. While the only real way of knowing if you are a good candidate for veneers is to talk to your dentist, taking the time to answer the questions outlined below can help you to get a much better idea of whether or not this procedure is right for you.

30 November 2021

Trust Dentists To Stop Cavities With Dental Fillings

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Do you suspect you have a cavity? Perhaps you have been feeling tooth sensitivity when you chew or have experienced a few toothaches. Never ignore a suspected tooth cavity. It can put you at risk of getting a serious infection or not having the option to try to salvage your natural tooth. Untreated cavities tend to get worse and may eventually result in tooth extractions being the only option. Another potential outcome is a need to have a more aggressive restoration approach to save the tooth.

20 October 2021

Is It A Bad Thing That You Have Sensitivity After A Visit To The Dentist's Office?

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Going to the dentist gives you an opportunity to have your teeth and gums completely cleaned and your health improved. However, it's not entirely uncommon for people to notice temporary sensitivity in their teeth, gums, or both after having a dental cleaning. If you've had this happen to you recently and are wondering why and if it's a bad sign, then here's what you should know. Teeth Tooth sensitivity is possible after more intense dental procedures, but it can still happen on a milder level when you only have your teeth cleaned.

13 September 2021

Top Benefits of Child Dentistry Services

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A study by the CDC has established that cavities are a major problem for children. This alarming report shows the need for you to accustom your kids to pediatric dentistry services at a tender age. Here are some of the benefits of children's dentistry. Understanding Your Children's Growth and Changes Children's habits like teeth grinding and thumb sucking have serious oral health consequences in the future. Children's dentistry services are familiar with these habits since their skills are geared towards a child's oral health.

30 July 2021