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A Step By Step Guide To Getting Dental Implants

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Many individuals and dentists agree that dental implants are the superior option when looking to replace a natural tooth. If you are also considering the use of dental implants, you may be wondering what you can expect during each step of this procedure. Continue reading to learn more about each step in the process.

Step 1: Have Molds Made

Once your dental implant procedure is completed, a dental crown will be attached to the implant in order to serve as a replacement tooth. It is important that this crown is fabricated to perfectly match the size and shape of your natural tooth. In order to do this, your dentist will need to take molds of your teeth and surrounding gum tissue. This process is both quick and painless. 

Step 2: Complete Any Necessary Bone Grafts And Tooth Extractions

The next step in the process will be to ensure you are ready to undergo the surgical procedure to place your implants in the jawbone. In order to do this, your dentist will need to extract any natural teeth that are being replaced by implants. If you have suffered any bone loss in your jawbone, your dentist may also need to perform bone grafts in order to strengthen the jawbone prior to placing the implants. Not all individuals will need to undergo this particular step in the process. Therefore, it is best to discuss with your dentist any additional procedures you may require in order to get you ready for your implants. 

Step 3: Have Implants Surgically Placed In Jaw

This is the step in the process in which you actually receive your dental implants. This step in the process is considered oral surgery and will need to be completed under anesthesia. Making a small incision in the gums, your dentist will place the dental implant into the tooth socket in your jawbone that was once occupied by your natural tooth root. While this is a surgical procedure, it is relatively quick and will not result in much downtime. 

Step 4: Allowing The Jaw To Heal

Once your implants are in place, your jawbone will require time to heal. This is necessary in order for the jawbone to grow around the implant so that the implant remains sturdy and is able to provide ample strength for your new tooth. Since all people heal at different rates, there is no exact time frame for how long this step will take. In most cases, your dentist will provide you with a temporary bridge or denture that can be used while you wait for your jawbone to heal. 

Step 5: Attaching Dental Crown To Implant

Once you have finished healing, you will be ready for the final step in the process. This step is simply to have your dentist attach your dental crown to the implant. This can be done in a matter of minutes and is completely non-invasive.  

For more information about dental implants, contact a local dentist. 


26 July 2022