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What To Know When Comparing Dental Implants, Bridges, And Dentures

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Are you looking to fix a missing tooth, but not sure which method to use? It will help to know some key differences when comparing dental implants, bridges, and dentures.


There are differences between the three methods when it comes to cleaning. Dental implants can be treated like a natural tooth, which means you can brush and floss like normal to keep it clean. However, a dental bridge requires a little more work. You need to make sure you are cleaning under the bridge where bacteria can become trapped if you are not brushing well. Dentures are completely removable and require a separate cleaning method to keep them clean.

Jaw Bone Preservation

You may not be aware that your jawbone needs the stimulation from the root of a tooth to say healthy. Thankfully, this happens when you have a titanium post of a dental implant placed in your jawbone. While a dental bridge won't contribute to bone loss, it doesn't prevent it either. The fake tooth is anchored to crowns that surround the teeth, so there is no jawbone stimulation. Meanwhile, it's possible for dentures to contribute to bone loss if you are using them to replace an entire part of your mouth. There will be no natural teeth remaining to stimulate the jawbone when wearing dentures.


Many dental patients will say that dental implants provide the most comfort for a tooth replacement option. It looks and feels like a real tooth, and is something that you don't think about when it comes to comfort. Dentures can feel comfortable in the right conditions, but having dentures that fit poorly or are breaking down can cause you to have gum irritation. A dental bridge will be similar to implants, with it feeling natural in your mouth.


The most expensive option is going to be a dental implant, which is due to the surgical procedure and the dental crown. Dentures and partial dentures will be cheaper overall. One thing to keep in mind about dentures is that you may need repair or replacement sooner rather than later. A dental bridge will fall somewhere in the middle, with the two dental crowns used to support the bridge being the most costly part of the procedure.

Reach out to a local dentist if you have any questions about implants, bridges, or dentures. They can help guide you in the right direction that best meets your needs.


26 November 2019