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Specialty Products Recommended For After Dental Implantation

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Dental implants take some time to secure in place and heal after the implantation. And, your dental professional will help to explain the necessary cleaning and care instructions that will ensure a healthy implant long-term. The cleaning instructions may include some recommendations for specialty products. Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Most toothpastes contain both abrasive agents and fluoride. Fluoride is meant to remineralize the teeth after mineral loss while abrasives scrub off food and plaque debris. Both of these ingredients are not suitable for dental implants. Fluoride is not required as the implant tooth is an artificial one, and the mineral may actually cause some irritation and wear to both the titanium and ceramic parts of the device. When it comes to abrasive agents, they will wear down the ceramic as well. And, since the implant crown is a personalized device that must sit snug on the abutment, it cannot be easily replaced.

So, your dentist will recommend a fluoride-free toothpaste that has few to no abrasive agents. The bests products are typically gel ones and you should use the product on your implant alone. A regular toothpaste can be used for the remainder of your teeth.

Keep in mind that the flavorings in the toothpaste, like mint, that are meant to freshen your breath can irritate sensitive gum tissues. So, you may want to look for a product that is free of flavorings.

Gum Stimulator

The healing process is essential to the overall longevity of your implant device and this includes the soft tissues that surround the new tooth as well as the jaw. The soft tissues will form new granulation tissue around the implant and then layers of more mature tissues will develop. To help this process along, you can stimulate the tissues with a device called a gum stimulator. 

The device is a handled tool with a soft rubber or silicone tip. The tip can be pressed and rubbed against the gums and this will increase the circulation to the area. The additional blood will help to provide food and oxygen to the dividing cells as new gums begin to form. 

Gum stimulators come with both rounded and pointed tips. Opt for the rounded tip so sensitive tissues are not irritated. Also, you want to wait until swelling and bleeding reduce before your start using the tool on the surgical area. For more information, reach out to clinics like Gallery Dental.


4 June 2019