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When Should You See An Emergency Dentist For Urgent Dental Services? Find Out

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Any form of pain can cause severe discomfort and affect your life. Toothaches aren't an exception. Unfortunately, many people take painkillers to manage the pain before seeking dental services. But when is it time to seek emergency dental services? Severe toothaches and various serious dental issues deserve urgent medical attention. Read on to understand the situations that might need emergency dental services.

1. Toothache

Some toothaches go away after home remedies like cold compresses and saltwater rinses. Unfortunately, others increase or persist for an extended period. So it is essential to respond quickly and seek emergency services if the toothache is not responding to painkillers. If it worsens despite pain medication, you might need further examination and treatment. Therefore, don't wait any longer; early treatment can help minimize the chances of tooth loss, severe decay, and difficult recovery. Seek help from your emergency dentist to manage the pain and solve the underlying problem.

2. Discomfort When Biting Food

There should be no discomfort or pain when chewing food or biting teeth. If you feel pain when chewing, your nerves might be exposed to harmful bacterial activity. It might also signal the effects of grinding teeth. Loose fillings and developing gum diseases are also notorious for causing unexplained soreness in the gums and teeth. So it's important to schedule an appointment with your dentist for further examination. This allows the emergency dentist to provide a suitable treatment to manage the pain and improve your quality of life.

3. Sudden Chip, Crack, or Loss of a Tooth

When you trip and fall and your tooth breaks, cracks, or falls off, you should visit an emergency dentist immediately. You can save the broken tooth by soaking it in milk or water to allow reattachment. The specialist will provide pain relief treatment and find ways to save the tooth. For example, the dentist might recommend bonding or filling teeth to restore them to their original state. Generally, seeking emergency services minimizes the chances of infections.

4. Increased Tooth Sensitivity

Typically, your teeth are responsive to extremely cold and hot foodstuffs due to the nerves below the enamel. Therefore, something could be wrong if you feel a sudden sharp pain when taking hot, cold, or sweet products. Sensitive teeth cause pain and discomfort. They are often caused by cracks, loose fillings, worn-out enamel, or exposed tooth roots. Therefore, seek emergency services and get proper treatment.

You shouldn't wish away toothaches and discomfort because, in most cases, they indicate an onset of major dental problems. Set an appointment with an emergency dental service immediately if you experience these problems.


21 June 2022