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Dental Implants: 3 Reasons To Embrace This Dental Restoration Procedure

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Do you laugh with your hands over your mouth? Do you smile with your head bent and lips closed? Well, you should seek dental implants services if your missing teeth are the reason you never smile or laugh comfortably. Dental implants can restore your teeth and fix your looks. If you wonder whether implants are a worthy investment to make, this article will explain the reasons you should never overlook missing teeth and how the implants can help.

1. Gum Problems

There is an open wound left behind when you lose a tooth. This open wound traps food and the numerous bacteria in your mouth. With bacteria and food particles on the open wound, gum diseases follow. If your gum is infected, it may recede, making other teeth fall out.

Even worse, advanced gum diseases may expose you to life-altering infections. Your best to keep gum disease at bay after losing a tooth is to seek dental implant surgery. You get a firm and reliable replacement to fill the gap hence keeping gum diseases away.

2. Misaligned Teeth

If your teeth are healthy, they should meet when you close your mouth. Unfortunately, this might not be the case when you lose a tooth. Your teeth may become weak and start to shift into the gap. As a result, your once straight teeth may be misaligned, and they may no longer meet as expected when you close your teeth.

Misalignment leads to uneven teeth surfaces, which may be difficult to clean. Improperly cleaned teeth make you prone to cavities and halitosis. Misaligned teeth may also lead to chewing and speech difficulties. Dental implants procedures prevent your teeth from shifting and preserve your natural smile.

3. Bone Loss

Your jaw bone holds your teeth in place. However, it requires exercise to stay intact and strong. Chewing food exercises and stimulates your jawbone to help retain its shape and size. When your tooth falls out, you lose chewing ability. This means your jawbone cannot get the stimulation required to stay intact.

The jaw will eventually start to break down, weakening the adjacent teeth. Bone loss may also make your face wrinkle and sag. Dental implants mimic your real teeth. You will be able to chew and stimulate your jaw bone to prevent deterioration.

Missing teeth can ruin your oral hygiene, hurt your self-esteem, and affect your overall health. If you have missing teeth, consider investing in dental implants surgery today. You will be healthier, happier, and more satisfied.

For more information about dental implants, contact your dentist.


25 February 2022