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What To Expect When You Have A Gum Graft For Receding Gums

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If you have receding gums, your dentist might talk to you about getting a gum graft. Your gums can recede for different reasons, so a graft can be for cosmetic purposes or to save a tooth. No matter why you have receding gums, your gums won't grow back. To correct the situation, your dentist needs to graft new tissue to the areas where the gums are receding. Here's how that is done.

A Gum Graft Is Done In Your Dental Clinic

A gum graft might be covered partially by your insurance, so you'll want to discuss that with your dentist on the initial visit. The surgery is planned at that time, including where the graft will come from. On the day of the procedure, the dentist can get right to work and complete the gum graft quickly.

A gum graft can be done with a local or general anesthetic in your dentist's office. You'll get to go home after the procedure, but you may be asked to wait a few hours to ensure there are no complications and to wait for the anesthesia to wear off. You'll need help getting home, including having someone else drive you.

The Graft Usually Comes From Your Mouth

Your dentist might use donor tissue for your gum graft, but in many cases, the dentist takes the tissue from your mouth. The tissue might be taken from the roof of your mouth or pulled over from a nearby gum.

The graft is stitched in place using thin stitches so your gum is made lower on your tooth. This covers the gum to protect your tooth and makes a long tooth look shorter. When your gum heals, blood vessels grow into the new tissue so it is nourished and stays healthy. Before long, the graft will look like your natural gum.

Recovery Could Take A Couple Of Weeks

The success of the gum graft and your recovery depend on how well you follow the recovery instructions. You might be able to go back to work the day after the procedure if your pain is mild. If the graft is taken from the roof of your mouth, you might have more pain than if the graft comes from elsewhere. Your dentist will tell you how to manage pain and everything else you need to do.

You might be told to rinse your mouth, but not brush for several days. You might need to take an antibiotic and eat soft foods for several days. After a couple of weeks, the healing should be underway so you can resume your normal diet, but be sure to follow the instructions given by your dentist.


13 January 2022