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Trust Dentists To Stop Cavities With Dental Fillings

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Do you suspect you have a cavity? Perhaps you have been feeling tooth sensitivity when you chew or have experienced a few toothaches. Never ignore a suspected tooth cavity. It can put you at risk of getting a serious infection or not having the option to try to salvage your natural tooth.

Untreated cavities tend to get worse and may eventually result in tooth extractions being the only option. Another potential outcome is a need to have a more aggressive restoration approach to save the tooth. This might include a root canal and dental crown. Routine visits to dentists are the best way for individuals to detect cavities and get them treated in a timely manner. The following points identify a few reasons it is sensible to get dental fillings. 

Strengthen Teeth

Sometimes decayed teeth get damaged to the point that a traditional dental filling is not sufficient. Dentists can examine teeth in this condition and determine if a crown would be an appropriate intervention. If the tooth damage has not advanced to the point of requiring a crown, dentists can opt to use dental filling overlays to cover the cavities. The protective coverings can offer support and are a good alternative to a crown when appropriate.

Prevent Infection

There is a significant risk of infection the longer that an individual waits to get their cavities treated. Infections are dangerous because they can spread into the bloodstream and cause life-threatening circumstances. Temporary tooth fillings are often used to protect teeth when a root canal has been performed. They serve the temporary purpose of keeping bacteria out of the surgical site while it heals. The filling eventually gets removed and covered by a dental crown.

Protect Damaged Teeth

Dental fillings are not reserved for instances of decay. Sometimes dentists recommend dental fillings to protect teeth that are broken or have cracks. The fillings protect the teeth from decay when used in this manner. They can also provide relief from tooth sensitivity because they create a barrier between foods and liquids that can aggravate damaged teeth. 

Get Added Fluoride Onsite

There are a variety of materials used for dental fillings. Glass ionomer fillings may be recommended for treating decayed teeth directly with fluoride. These special fillings release fluoride and can help thwart decay advancement.

A dentist is a good resource to use to understand why dental fillings are ideal for cavity treatment. They can explain the process if you have never had a filling. You can also rely on them to explain your material options and the pros and cons of each.


20 October 2021