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Does Your Child Need Braces? 3 Questions You May Have

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Wanting the best for your kid isn't something that most parents are strangers to. From the best schools to the best clothes to the best smile, ensuring that your kids are safe, healthy, and taken care of should be your number one objective. If your child has a crooked smile, one of the best things you can do for them is take them to the orthodontist to get their teeth and smile fixed. 

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Old Enough for the Orthodontist? 

Depending on your child's oral issues and concerns, your orthodontist may want to see them when they're about ten years old to start doing things like adding spacers to their mouth to create room for braces. Typically, your child's dentist should be able to look at their teeth and tell you if now is a good time to see an orthodontist or if you still have a little bit of time to wait.

What Will Their First Appointment Entail?

One of the things to know about taking your child to an orthodontist is that it will take several appointments until they will actually be ready for metal braces. During their first appointment, your orthodontist will take x-rays and do an oral exam to see if they need some additional things in order to get their mouth ready for braces. If your child has a lot of overcrowding in their mouth, then things like spacers or retainers may be used to help get your child's teeth prepped for metal braces. 

If your child just needs a few simple tweaks with their smile, then your orthodontist may use their first appointment to take molds of your child's mouth. By taking molds, your orthodontist will better be able to create braces that are custom to their mouth. 

How Long Will They Have to Wear Braces? 

On average, children have to wear braces for a little bit over a year, but that time varies from child to child. After your child's consultation, your orthodontist will have a better idea of just how long they have to wear their braces for; that way you both know what to expect. 

Having a straight smile can give your child confidence, can make them more successful, and can help them chew better. To learn more about braces and whether or not your child is ready, reach out to an orthodontist in your area. 


27 March 2021