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Bring Your Brand Of Toothpaste With You During Your Next Dental Cleaning

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Caring for your teeth requires effort, diligence, and a little bit of money. Purchasing high-quality toothpaste can run up a shopping budget. Are you getting the best results with your current brand of toothpaste? Maybe it is time to upgrade to something better. Perhaps improving dental health hinges on switching to a better brand of toothpaste is advisable.

The Dentist Offers Some Advice

A dental checkup reveals a lot about your teeth. When your "pearly whites" don't look their best, you may not be cleaning them the right way. When you brush three times a day, it can be perplexing as to why the teeth look stained. A minor adjustment, such as switching toothpaste brands, might change things for the better. So, bring your toothpaste with you on your next dental cleaning. Your family dentist may provide a recommendation for a better brand. Or, he/she could tell you the brand is fine, but your brushing habits must change. Just don't rely on telling the dentist about the brand. Bring it with you.

Let the Dentist Read the Packaging

Even the most knowledgeable dentist isn't likely familiar with every brand of toothpaste. He/she probably is familiar with the primary manufacturer and the ingredients listed on the packaging. Let the dentist look at the labeling to see if the brand is up to par. If not, you'll at least know about it.

Tell the Dentist about Your Budget

Don't feel embarrassed to mention that your budget may be a little tight.  Feelings of embarrassment should never dissuade you from speaking freely with your dentist. Doing so only prevent you from receiving the best care. Also, when you don't tell the dentist your budget issues, he/she can't make an appropriate recommendation. Perhaps there is a less expensive but highly effective toothpaste the dentist can suggest. You won't get any recommendations unless you are forthcoming.

A Different Solution

Avoid the assumption that toothpaste is the problem until you receive input from the dentist. Numerous things could undermine brushing's maximum benefit. Missing the top of the teeth by the gum line may do so. Brushing in the wrong direction, surprisingly, can be inefficient. The toothbrush, itself, might be the trouble. Maybe the time has come to invest in an electronic toothbrush. Ultimately, changing things up by making recommended improvements could make your teeth look beautiful. The dentist can provide a little guidance on how to do so during your next cleaning.

For more information, talk to your family dentist.


3 July 2019