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Tip For Getting Your Child To Brush Their Teeth Better

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If you are trying to have your child become more independent, you may be struggling with them brushing their teeth. It's likely that your child is not brushing their teeth effectively or as long as they should be to get them clean every morning and evening. Here are some tips that can help them learn to brush their teeth better.

Use A Timer

Does your child stick the toothbrush in their mouth for a few seconds and think that they are done? If so, try using a timer to make sure they are brushing long enough. A child should be brushing their teeth twice a day for two minutes, which can feel like an eternity to a child.

You can get a simple two minute sand timer that they flip over, set a timer on your phone, or even download an app that encourages your child to brush for the proper amount of time. There are some fun apps they allow your child to scan the character on their toothbrush and watch a short two minute video while they brush along with it.

Brush With Your Child

The best way to teach a child is to lead by example. If you brush your teeth alongside them in the morning and evening, you will show exactly how long your child should be brushing their teeth. You can even help demonstrate the areas they should be brushing in, having them mirror your motions with which part of the mouth you a brushing.

Start A Sticker Chart

A good reward system for a child will be to start a sticker chart, where they earn a sticker for each day that they demonstrate quality brushing. Once the chart is full, they can be given a reward that is appropriate for them. It may mean getting a small toy, or a trip to the movies.

Visit The Dentist

A trip to the dentist may be what it takes to get your child into demonstrating good brushing habits. Being told by a dentist about how important it is that they brush their teeth, and potentially pointing out what they could be doing better, can help scare a child into brushing better so that they do not get cavities. It will make caring for their teeth feel like a bigger deal than it did before, because they will want to have perfect teeth for the dentist during their next checkup.


16 October 2018