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What To Do If You're Having Gum Disease Symptoms Away From Home

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It's disturbing to find that your gums are bleeding no matter what your situation is, but if you're not near your regular dentist, you may be particularly concerned. The good news is that you can still help yourself and get help for your gums while you're away from home. Here's how.

Try Flossing

If your gums are swollen, painful, bleeding, or discolored, it's a good idea to give flossing a try.

Flossing regularly can reverse gingivitis, so if that's behind your symptoms, you may find immediate relief. Even for people with the more severe version of gum disease, periodontitis, the gums can still benefit from flossing. Removing built-up plaque from your gums can help to reduce irritation and inflammation in your gums. It won't be enough of a benefit to reverse all your symptoms, but it can at least help you to feel better while you're away from home.

Avoid Irritants

A big part of dealing with gum disease before you can get treatment is managing pain. You can help bring down your pain by taking oral pain relievers and by using topical pain relievers, but it's not always practical to do so, especially if you're in public.

You should make an effort to avoid any foods or drinks that are irritating to gums. This means avoiding acidic beverages and foods and skipping hot soups. Icy drinks may actually be helpful, as cooling can help to bring down inflammation. However, skip the sugary blended drinks, as that will just feed the bacteria that are overwhelming your gums right now.

Call Periodontist

If you want to get help as soon as you can, you have the right idea. While these tips can help you to control your symptoms, it isn't the same as getting qualified help.

The kind of dentist you should look for is a periodontist. They specialize in gum disease and can help you to quickly reverse your symptoms and get you on the road to recovery. This is accomplished with thorough cleanings of the teeth and under the gumline, antibiotics if necessary to fight an infection, and any other dental work you may need at the moment.

It's understandable if you're inclined to want to wait to see your home dentist, but you can trust specialists like periodontists to know exactly what to do to care for you. Get in touch with a periodontics clinic like New England Dental Specialists of Norwood and get help now before you head back home.


21 September 2018