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Issues Or Problems With Your Braces And What To Do About It

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Problems can happen with your braces in between your orthodontic appointments. Things such as a wire coming loose, pain in your mouth, wires poking your cheeks or a lost bracket. If you experience any of these things, you can get to your orthodontist, but if you aren't able to get in right away you should know what you can do in the meantime. Read on for helpful information if you encounter any issues with your braces.

Loose Wire

If your wire comes loose from the brackets you can try to push it back in using tweezers. You may end up needing help with this task. If you aren't able to get the wire back into the bracket you can try to hold it in place using orthodontic wax. You can find this type of wax at your local pharmacy.

Poking Wire

If you have a wire that is poking you, try to use wax to prevent it from injuring your mouth or from causing you pain. If the wax isn't doing the trick, you can try to clip the part of the wire that is causing you pain using scissors. Again, you may need help with this task. Make sure you hold the piece of wire with tweezers to prevent it from going down the back of your throat.

Broken Bracket

A bracket may break off from time to time if the dental cement holding it in place loses hold. This can happen if you bite into anything too hard. If your bracket breaks, don't attempt to put it back on. Place the bracket in a piece of tissue until you can get to the orthodontist again. If the broken bracket chipped part of your tooth, try to get into the orthodontist right away, especially if it's causing you pain or sensitivity.

Care Tips For Your Braces:

  • Don't eat anything too hard that may cause your brackets to fall off, such as biting into an apple, eating corn on the cob, hard candy or ice.
  • Don't eat anything too sticky.
  • Don't eat sugary foods or sugary drinks that can stain your teeth, leaving you with marks on your teeth where your brackets were.
  • Do brush your teeth twice daily and use a cone-shaped toothbrush to get in between your brackets. Also make sure you remember to floss as well.
  • Do visit your orthodontist for regular checkups and for a cleaning of your teeth.

You may encounter issues with your braces from time to time. Make sure you make an appointment with your orthodontist if you encounter any problems with your braces


30 July 2018