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Late Implant Discomfort

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If everything appears to be going well with the dental implant you had put in a while back, then you may be completely out of the woods and now have that fantastic tooth replacement option that will prove to work fine for you for the long haul. However, you do want to learn about some of the different complications that can show up at some point in the future, so you won't find yourself completely shocked and thrown off guard if they do happen to show up.

You can experience dental implant damage – While implant damage isn't something that is very common, it is a possibility that some people do end up finding themselves dealing with. There are times when a person's dental implant can bend or even become fractured due to being put under some type of excessive trauma or stress. Other things that can cause this would be a loose, poorly fitted or worn prosthetic that is causing too much pressure. A poorly implanted dental implant, the wrong size of dental implant or the use of subpar quality implants can also lead to this damage.

A new dental addition can cause problems with dental implants already in place – If things have been going well with your dental implants and you start to experience problems shortly after having more work done, then the new work may be the cause. If you have had a crown, a bridge or dentures put in when the problems began; then they may not be fitting against your dental implants the way that they are supposed to. You want to go back in and have the problem addressed right away to avoid further irritation, as well as damage to the implant.

An infection called peri-implantitis can develop – Peri-implantitis is an infection that can cause some of the same symptoms as gum disease. These symptoms can include bleeding of the gums, pain, and inflammation of the gums. This condition must be treated for you to avoid further complications that can include bone loss, which could result in a failing dental implant.

A broken implant – You need to treat your dental implant with the same care you treat your natural teeth with. Remember that just because they may be made to be durable and last you for years doesn't mean that they can be used as tools for opening hard-to-open packages or to use for any other reason you wouldn't use your other teeth for.

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3 April 2018