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2 Reasons To Request A Same-Day Crown

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Having to get a crown applied because one of your teeth has been damaged too much for a filling to repair is a very common situation, which is why many dental offices are now offering the option to get crowns in the most convenient manner via a same-day crown procedure. The primary difference between a same-day crown and a traditional crown is that your crown will be fabricated in the dentist's office with a same-day crown procedure, while a traditional crown will typically need to be ordered from a dental lab. Listed below are two reasons to request a same-day crown.

Less Time Spent In The Dentist's Office

One of the hardest parts about getting a traditional crown is the fact that you are going to be expected to make your way to the dentist at least twice before the procedures completed. Your initial visit to the dentist will be to get your tooth cleaned of any decay and to potentially get a root canal, while the second appointment will focus on applying the permanent crown once it arrives from the dental lab.

While this whole process may not sound too inconvenient, it becomes inconvenient when you consider the fact that those two appointments are typically going to take place several days or weeks apart. This can be very difficult for the average person to fit into their busy schedule if they have children to take care of or if they have a very busy job that may not look too kindly on them needing to take time off in the middle of the workday on two separate occasions within a relatively short time span. However, a same-day crown essentially eliminates this issue as it will allow them to get their tooth prepared for the crown and the crown applied during a single sitting.

No Time Spent Wearing A Temporary Crown

You should also consider requesting a same-day crown because it lets you eliminate the need to spend any time whatsoever wearing a temporary crown because you do not have to wait for a permanent crown to arrive. This is extremely beneficial because a temporary crown is often poorly fitted, which means that it can move around on the tooth and scratch your gums or fall off entirely and require you to go back to your dentist to have it reattached to your tooth. In addition, these temporary crowns are also prone to breaking, which will also require you to add another visit to your dentist to have a new one fitted to your tooth.

Make an appointment with a dentist today in order to discuss the advantages and benefits provided by a same-day crown and if it would be appropriate for your current dental situation. A same-day crown can help you spend less time in the dentist office and eliminate the time spent wearing a temporary crown entirely. Contact a professional like Tony Parsley, DMD to learn more.


20 December 2016