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Why You Need To Fix Missing Teeth

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When there is a problem with one of your teeth and it needs to be removed, you may be thinking that the problem is gone once the tooth is gone. The truth is that a missing tooth causes plenty of new problems that you might not be aware of it. It's important to fix your missing tooth with a dental implant, partial denture, or dental crown for the following reasons.

Your Teeth Can Shift

Your jaw bone will have problems when a tooth is missing. More specifically, the jawbone will start to wither in the area, eventually causing the gums to fail as well. Over the years, teeth will shift towards that gap, ruining the alignment of your teeth. This not only looks bad, but also causes problems like joint issues.

Diseases Can Form

When your gums have a hole in them from the missing tooth, it creates an area that is prone to getting diseases. Even once the gums have completely healed, your gums will still be weak and potentially become infected. Those shifting teeth make it very difficult to clean them all like you used to be able to, which causes bacteria to form. This eventually leads to tooth decay or gingivitis.

Facial Muscles Can Become Deformed

You may not be aware that your teeth are actually what help your face maintain its shape. When you lose your teeth, your facial muscles will potentially collapse. It is why people with missing teeth often look like they have a face that has sunk inwards. This is a very difficult problem to repair once it happens to you.

Eating Can Be Difficult

With a full set of teeth, there shouldn't be any problems eating your favorite foods since you can chew very efficiently. If you are missing teeth, it will cause problems. People tend to chew using their teeth on the other side, but that can put added pressure on that side of your jaw and cause joint pains. Sharp foods can also irritate the gums in the exposed area, leading to painful canker sores that need time to heal.

It is always a great idea to fix a tooth after it is removed. The aesthetics, infections, and facial deformations are simply not worth the risk when there many techniques to fix it that are out there. Meet with your dentist for a consultation to figure out the best way to replace your missing tooth.


27 October 2016