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4 Ways to Keep Your Breath Fresh for a Business Meeting

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If you have an upcoming business meeting, you will likely want your breath to remain fresh throughout the session. Being uncertain of whether or not your breath is offensive can cause you to be less confident during your interaction. Still, there are ways to help maintain fresh breath in a business setting. Here are a few of them.

Sip on water.

Even during the business meeting, there will likely be water available to you and to the people with whom you will be meeting. Water can help rinse away offensive bacteria and old particles of food that may have become lodged within your mouth. It can also help you avoid dry mouth, which may cause halitosis to become more intense. When there is inadequate moisture within your mouth, the oral microbes become more concentrated, and the offensive odors that they emit may seem stronger.

Use a tongue cleaner before the meeting.

Although brushing and flossing regularly can help improve the state of your breath, a tongue cleaner is also an effective tool. A tongue cleaner is specially designed to remove oral bacteria and debris from the surface of your tongue. Many of the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath reside on the tongue. As they release volatile sulfur compounds, the freshness of your breath diminishes.

Tongue cleaners are more effective at removing microbes from the tongue then other at-home dental-hygiene tools, such as toothbrushes.

Chew sugarless gum throughout the day before the meeting starts.

Once the business meeting begins, it may be unprofessional to chew gum throughout the session. However, during the day, as the time of the meeting approaches, chew sugarless gum regularly.

The gum causes the release of greater amounts of saliva, which washes away food, plaque, and oral bacteria. Additionally, the gum pulls debris and bacteria from the surface of your teeth and gum tissue due to its stickiness. Some sugarless gum, such as that which contains cinnamon, can even help prevent bad breath by destroying the oral bacteria that cause it.

Avoid sugared mints.

Although mints usually release a fragrant aroma, if they are sweetened with sugar, they can worsen your bad breath. Sugar is a favorite food for oral bacteria, and when introduced into the mouth, sugar can promote bacterial growth and dental decay.

To learn more ways to keep your breath fresh during business meetings, schedule an appointment with a dentist in your area.


11 August 2016