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How to Make Dental Hygiene More Fun for Your Little One

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If your child has at least one tooth exposed, they should be brushing twice a day to keep their teeth clean, healthy, and white between dental checkups. Establishing a regimen of brushing twice a day now will help instill positive dental habits that they're likely to maintain throughout adulthood and will minimize the chance that they'll develop gum disease as they age. However, if your little one is like most kids, they probably aren't very excited about taking the time to brush their teeth regularly. An excellent way to get your child more interested in brushing is to make the practice fun. Here are two effective ways to do just that.

Decorate a Caddy Together

An excellent way to make the task of brushing a more exciting prospect is to decorate a toothbrush caddy with your little one. They can then use the caddy to manage their own toothbrush, paste, and other accessories so they feel like they have control over their dental care and will be more likely to make brushing a priority. Your child will be proud of their creation and enjoy using it on a daily basis.

Buy a standard wooden or plastic toothbrush caddy from the store and use stickers, stencils and markers, glitter, paint, and doilies to decorate it. Keep the decorated caddy right next to your bathroom sink so it will be easy for your child to see and access on a daily basis.

Manage a Weekly Brushing Calendar

Managing a weekly brushing calendar is a great way to invoke some extra interest in brushing on a daily basis. You'll find a variety of themed calendars that kids can enjoy on the Internet and can print a new one out each week and post it on the wall in the bathroom. Each day when your child brushes their teeth, allow them to place a star sticker on the calendar's corresponding day. Once an entire week of stickers is collected without any missing days, offer your little one a small reward for their accomplishment. Consider keeping a box of items such as coloring books and crayons, different colors of dental floss, and colorfully designed toothbrushes at hand so there's something new to offer at the end of each successful week.

These helpful tips should make brushing more exciting for your little one and minimize the protesting that young kids tend to express when it's time for a tooth-brushing session.  

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26 July 2016