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4 Tips For A Smooth Recovery From Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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Wisdom teeth are located in the back of the mouth behind the molars. They are removed for a number of reasons, typically due to overcrowding of the teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, or an infection. Wisdom teeth extraction is typically done by an oral surgeon, such as those at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Associates, and most people feel a lot better within a few days of surgery. Use the following tips to make your recovery from wisdom teeth extraction go smoothly:

Take Time Off Work or School

While the actual surgery does not take long, most people try to schedule their wisdom teeth extraction on a Thursday or Friday so they have several days to recover before returning to work or school. The first few days after wisdom teeth removal, you may experience soreness and discomfort in your mouth, and it is not uncommon for your cheeks and jaw to be swollen and bruised. Staying home and resting during this time will help promote healing and recovery.

No Smoking or Using Straws

While you are healing from wisdom teeth removal, do not smoke or drink a beverage with a straw. These actions create suction, which can pull the blood clots out of the surgical sites and expose the nerves, which can lead to a very painful condition called dry sockets. Do not resume these activities until cleared by your oral surgeon if you want to prevent dealing with dry sockets.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

In the days after wisdom tooth extraction, you can brush and floss your teeth gently, but avoid disrupting the surgical sites. After the bleeding has stopped, your surgeon will most likely recommend that you gently clean your mouth by rinsing it with a saltwater solution several times a day, particularly after eating. Some oral surgeons advise their patients to clean the surgical sites with salt water using a syringe to prevent small particles of food from becoming lodged in the area, which can lead to an infection.

Stay On Top of the Pain

Many people who have wisdom teeth removed experience some pain in the first few days after surgery. Most oral surgeons prescribe a pain killer to minimize the discomfort; it is in your best interest to have the prescription filled as soon as possible and try to take your first dose before the anesthesia wears off. After the initial dose, if you take the medication as prescribed, you should be able to keep the pain or discomfort under control. If you are experiencing extreme pain despite using pain killers, contact your oral surgeon for a follow up visit to see if there is an infection in the surgical sites. 


28 September 2015