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When Is The Usual Age For Your Child To Lose The First Tooth? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Loosing baby teeth is a natural part of growing up, yet many parents aren't quite sure what to expect. Knowing  approximately when your child might start loosing his or her baby teeth, and what to expect during the process, can help parents prepare. Knowing the answers to the following frequently asked questions can help you get ready for your child to lose his or her first tooth.

When is the normal time for a child to start losing teeth?

Many children lose their first tooth around the time that they are 5 to 7 years old.

How long will it take for a loose tooth to fall out?

A tooth can take days or weeks to fall out after becoming loose. The reason the tooth is loose in the first place is because the root is dissolving in the gums as the permanent tooth pushes through to the surface. The longer the root takes to dissolve, the longer it will take for the tooth to fall out. The tooth shouldn't fall out until the root is totally dissolved.

What happens if your child's permanent teeth grow in behind the baby teeth?

This condition is called shark's teeth. This is fairly normal and doesn't have to be a problem. The permanent tooth should push out the baby tooth, and the baby tooth should fall out in a matter of weeks. If the permanent tooth and the baby tooth are still side-by-side after several months, consult with your general dentist.

What happens if your child is late losing the first tooth?

Have your child visit the dentist. The dentist may give your child an X-ray to check that the permanent teeth are beneath the surface.

Should you encourage your child to pull out his or her tooth before it falls out on its own?

Many kids will naturally tug on their loose teeth with their fingers and push on their loose teeth with their tongue. This is natural and expected, and can help the tooth loosen naturally. However your child should not be encouraged to pull out the tooth before it's ready. When the root has fully dissolved, the tooth with come out on its own.

Should the gums bleed when the tooth falls out?

If the gums bleed when the tooth comes out, this is a sign that the root and the tooth were still connected. Although your child will probably be fine, this does make it more likely your child will get an infection. Have your child swish out his or her mouth with fresh water and keep the area extra clean for a few days. If the area becomes red, painful or swollen, take your child to the general dentist.

For more information and answers to any other questions you might have, contact your child's dentist.  


13 August 2015