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2 Tips That Can Save Your Child's Prematurely Lost Tooth

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Rampant tooth decay, gum disease and acute injury to the mouth are some of the top reasons for premature tooth loss in children. Tooth decay weakens tooth enamel and your child's teeth start to erode, leaving them vulnerable to developing cracks. Cracked teeth can lead to your child suffering from an infection when food particles fall into the crack and the tissue around the tooth becomes infected. Damaged teeth are often at a higher risk of needing to be extracted, and are also more likely to fall out prematurely. In the event that your child's teeth fall out prematurely, you should call the dentist for an emergency appointment because time is a huge factor in whether your child's tooth can be replanted. Here are two tips that can save the tooth until you get to the emergency dental appointment.

Place the fallen tooth in the socket.

A fallen tooth can be recovered and replanted in the mouth. After the tooth falls out, gently remove any debris using small amounts of water. Do not allow the tooth to dry out or use any toothpaste. Before gently pressing the tooth back into the socket, check the gums for any signs of trauma, debris, or tooth fragments. Your child can swish a small amount of warm salt water to help clean the socket. Be careful if you are dealing with a tooth that falls out in pieces. Pressing jagged edges of a tooth down into the socket can result in injury to the gums. The tooth can be held gently in place until you arrive at the dentist's office.

Store the tooth in a container of cow's milk.

Teeth are living tissue. A tooth that falls out prematurely can be replanted as long as the roots are viable. Do not keep a lost tooth in a cold, dry place. If the tooth cannot be immediately replanted into the socket, the next best thing you can do is keep it in a container with cow's milk. Milk at room temperature allows the fallen tooth's roots to stay viable. The sugars in milk feed the cells and proteins in milk help to keep the root cells from becoming infected. Milk is favorable over water because the imbalance of salt levels between the root cells and the aqueous environment can cause the root cells to burst. You can keep the tooth in a sealed container of cow's milk until you are able to get your child to the family dentistry specialist.


31 July 2015