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5 Reasons You May Get Gingivitis

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Your gums should be healthy if you want to ensure you will have healthy teeth. It's important to address any problems as these arise to help avoid major issues with your teeth or gums. Gingivitis is one of the most common types of gum disease. However, with the right amount of treatment it can be reversed. It's important to understand the causes of this gum disease to help reduce the possibility of your getting it. Knowing some of the specific reasons gingivitis occurs may help you avoid it entirely.

Reason #1: Smoking

If you use tobacco products, it's a good idea to quit. Smoking can lead to problems with your gums and is a one of the leading causes of gingivitis. The toxins in the tobacco can lead to inflammation and infection with your gums over a period of time.

Reason #2: Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes is never good news. The need to take various medications and shots to control this disease is common. If you are diabetic, you should take extra care of your gums. This is because this health condition will increase your possibility of contacting infection.

Reason #3: Medications

There are certain types of medications that can decrease the excretion of saliva. Dry mouth can increase the chances of you getting gum disease.

Some of these medications are given to help find serious conditions, such as depression or high blood pressure.

Reason #4:  Oral Hygiene

Not brushing your teeth daily as you should is the largest contributor to gum disease. This is because plaque builds up on your teeth and can lead to problems with your gums. Be sure to brush and floss daily to maintain healthy gums.

Reason #5: Hormonal changes

If you become pregnant or at a later stage in life when you're menopausal, this can cause you hormones to fluctuate a great deal. These hormonal changes can contribute to dry mouth and increase the odds of your gums being more prone to disease.

Be sure to take to your dentist about any effective ways to help address these hormonal changes in your life.

Finally, there are various reasons that can increase the chances of your having problems with your gums. Be sure to be proactive and discuss ways to help you prevent gingivitis with a dentist (such as Kenneth G Edwards) on your next scheduled visit. This can help prepare you for a better dental health that may last a lifetime.


20 April 2015