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Dental Implant Care For Seniors With Arthritis

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Like natural teeth, dental implants require regular care and cleaning. Implants are susceptible to scratches made by harsh cleaning implements, like hard bristled tooth brushes. Once scratched, implants can harbor harmful bacteria. Specially designed tools can clean the implants without creating scratches.

For seniors with arthritis, caring for dental implants can be a little trickier. The decrease in manual dexterity associated with arthritis can make gripping the cleaning implements difficult for many people. Knowing what tools to use, and how to make those tools easier to grip can make a big difference in implant care.

Standard Implant Cleaning Tools

These tools are widely available for all people with dental implants. These tools typically have narrow handles that can be difficult to grip in their factory-produced form.

  • Implant brush. The implant brush is like a toothbrush, but often has a smaller head and softer bristles. Implant brushes also commonly include an angled neck to better reach the back of the implants.
  • Interdental brush. An interdental brush looks a lot like a pipe cleaner stuck at the end of a thin plastic handle. Interdental brushes are meant to clean the space between the dental implants.
  • Implant floss. Although standard unwaxed floss can be used, implant floss is recommended to clean between implants. Implant floss is designed to keep the tissues around the implants healthy.

Solutions For Seniors With Arthritis

To use the standard implement cleaning tools, a variety of products are available that make these cleaning tools easier to grip and manipulate.

  • Utensil holder. Specifically meant to help arthritis patients hold forks and spoons, the utensil holder works for implant brushes and other long-handled implant cleaning tools. Utensil holders are available through some medical supply companies and online.
  • Floss holder. Floss holders have no moving parts and are meant to grip floss, holding it securely in place as it is used for teeth.

Homemade Implant Cleaning Solutions

Although utensil holders work well, many seniors can modify their implant brushes and interdental brushes with items found around the house. These inexpensive solutions make long handled brushes easier to grip.

  • Washcloth. Wrap a dry wash cloth around the base of the implant brush or interdental brush to make the handle thicker and easier to hang on to.
  • Tennis ball. Make a cut in the side of a tennis ball and insert the brush into the slit to create a nice rounded grip.
  • Bike handle cover. Tape an old bike handle cover to your brush for a foamy, easy to manipulate handle.

There are many products available that make life easier for arthritis sufferers. For more solutions, speak with your dentist. For more information, see


12 December 2014