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What You Must Do To Save A Knocked Out Tooth

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If one of your teeth has been knocked out, there's some good news: if you follow the right steps, there's a good chance a dentist can restore your tooth to your mouth. It's critical that you follow these steps as quickly as possible. If too much time elapses, even the best dentist won't be able to reattach your tooth.

Immediate Steps

If you want a dentist to be able to restore your tooth, there are some things you must do and others you absolutely have to avoid to save the tooth.


  • Touch The Root - Only touch the top of the tooth while handling it. Touching the root can damage the root and ruin the chances of reattaching it.
  • Scrub The Tooth - Even if the tooth is dirty, don't try brushing it or rinsing it in mouthwash. These things can damage the tooth's root or worsen any cracks or breaks in the tooth.
  • Wait - Your chances of being able to reattach the tooth drop dramatically after one hour. If your tooth is knocked out, immediately contact your dentist for an emergency appointment. If it happens outside of normal business hours, go to an emergency dentist for emergency treatment.


  • Rinse Off The Tooth - You can rinse off the tooth in lukewarm water to get rid of dirt or debris.
  • Insert The Tooth - If the tooth is clean and your jaw isn't hurt, try and place the tooth back in the hole it came from. This will help to preserve the tooth's root while you get to a dentist.
  • Keep The Tooth Wet - If you can't insert the tooth due to injury or because it's dirty, put the tooth in a glass of whole milk or put it in your mouth but tucked into your cheek. If you're anxious about choking, stick with the glass of milk. Water, skim milk and heavy cream are not recommended because they can cause the root cells to burst.

Reattachment & Success Rate

If your tooth and its root are in good shape, the process of reattaching the tooth is fairly simple. Your dentist will flush out the cavity your tooth came with saline from to clean out debris and bacteria. They'll then place the tooth back in the cavity so it's level with the teeth around it. They may decide to create a splint between your knocked out tooth and its neighboring healthy teeth to help hold it in place while the root reattaches to the bone.

Ultimately, the root will take several weeks to completely reconnect with your jaw. You may need to see a dentist several times during this time period to make sure that it's setting properly and to remove the splint once it's solidly connected. You may also need to make an appointment after a few months to make sure that it's healthy and healed.

Remember, these steps are critical and must be followed if you want your tooth to make it. Protect it, keep it moist, and get to a dentist like Crest Hill Family Dental immediately, and there's a good chance you can keep your own tooth.


10 December 2014